Internet for all your devices

djungle is an Internet service that you can access with any WiFi enabled device. Since WiFi is available on most mobile devices, you can enjoy the fast and affordable service in a matter of minutes. No purchase of a SIM or new device is necessary.

djungle products

Whether your focus is price or speed there is a product designed for you. All products include unlimited data during the activation period. djungleEd products for education are optimised for the special needs that students and staff have. You purchase your Internet products on the djungle online store!

Add money to your account

You add funds to your djungle account by purchasing prepaid vouchers at your local djungle reseller. djungle cards are sold at several locations around the areas we serve.

Skype powered by djungle

With djungle, you can call friends, family and business contacts with voice and video calling. The djungle network has been optimized for Skype so your important voice and video calls are prioritized over everything else.

Stay connected to your social networks

You are never more than a click away from your friends on the djungle network. Connect with your social network on Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram.